QUIZ: Which Horrific Kill Film Would You Watch from Sinister 2?

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There are many terryfying kill films made by Bughuul's ghost children, but if we had to watch one which one would it be? Take this quiz to find out, but if you don't, Bughuul's going to get you :)

I would like to dedicate this quiz to Zach Collins a.k.a. Dartanian Sloan and Dylan Collins a.k.a. Robert Daniel Sloan.

  1. Firstly, what is your favorite kill film?

    • Fishing Trip
    • The first kill film!! (Pictured above)
    • Christmas Morning
    • Sunday Service
    • Kitchen Remodel
  2. Favorite Serial Killer?

    • Michael Myers
    • Does Bughuul count? I mean this quiz is about Sinister 2
    • Jason Vorhees
    • Leather face
    • Freddy Krueger
  3. If you had a camera and you could film anything: What would you film?

    • A video about my life and how adventurous it is
    • Vlogging
    • A movie starring my siblings and me
    • YouTube videos
    • A kill film that takes killing to the next level
  4. You have just moved into a new house. What kind of house is it?

    • I heard that this house was the setting of one of Bughuul's murders
    • Normal one-story sized house
    • A creepy, wooden old house
    • A cottage
    • A huge mansion
  5. After a while, you start having nightmares. What do you do to stop them?

    • Go down to that creepy basement to watch those kill films that these creepy children told me about
    • Sleep normally, but if I keep having the same nightmares I have to do something about it
    • Stay awake all night. I can't have those nightmares again
    • Sleep normally
    • Take sleeping pills to sleep the whole night
  6. Let's say you have siblings, and suddenly one day they start acting strange. What's causing that?

    • "It's the kids, he gets the kids"
    • Probably just can't sleep
    • I'll ask them what's wrong; if they don't tell me, I'll beat the crap out of them
    • I heard about these nightmares that they're having
    • They always act like that, nothing's wrong
  7. If you had to make a decision between having to leave your best friend or your family (forever), which one would you choose?

    • I don't really have a best friend, just a friend
    • None. I'm living a happy life alone with 50 cats
    • My friends all the way. Sometimes you just gotta be with your friends
    • I could never leave my family, they're basically already my best friends and I'll never leave them
    • Define the word "best friend" for me? I was a loner
  8. You have a child and he's already been taken by Bughuul. What's your reaction?

    • Call some investigators to get my child back
    • I will burn and kill my child, there's no way I'm getting killed
    • I'll do anything to get my child back
    • I didn't even know
    • Abandon my child and move to another state far, far away
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