Which Civil War Team Would You REALLY Be On?

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A quiz to help you find your allies and learn your strengths

  1. First of all, what is the purpose of a superhero?

    • To save people from their own mistakes
    • To make their way in the world and learn things about themselves in the process
    • To serve people regardless of danger
    • To transcend the establishment
  2. What is the highest calling a person can answer to?

    • Their religion
    • Their friends
    • Those they serve
    • Whoever needs them
  3. Would you kill for what you believe in?

    • Hopefully i'm not forced to
    • As long as I know I am right
    • Absolutely not
    • Only in self-defense
  4. What is the greater weapon?

    • A strong defense
    • A strong offense
  5. Which negative adjective best describes you?

    • Boring
    • Stubborn
    • Vain
    • Angry
  6. Who do you aspire to be?

    • Someone who people like
    • Someone who makes good decisions
    • Someone who knows themselves
    • Someone who makes a difference
  7. Finally, power should rest in the hands of whom?

    • The powerless
    • The infallible
    • The powerful
    • The honorable
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