Which Stark Best Describes You?

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Ah. Game of Thrones. Characters we hate to love and ones we love to hate. Which of the Starks would describe you best based on these everyday situations? (I really just made this for fun, lol.)

  1. Your friend is getting bullied by bigger kids. You know that he or she will not stand up for themselves. What do you do?

    • Tell someone older--Violence is never the answer unless it's completely necessary.
    • Getting bullied is stupid. Besides, you have other people and things to worry about.
    • Ask your sibling for help--They have more power than you and will help you.
    • Step in and protect them. The bullies will leave them alone when they realize they have to go through me.
    • It doesn't matter--You and your friends are better than them, and they're just jealous.
    • Threaten the bullies. They can't just do that to your friend!
    • Your honor is on the line--You come up with a complex scheme to stump the bullies.
  2. You realize that you've lost something precious that a family member (Or someone of importance) has given you. How do you react?

    • It's unfortunate that you've lost it, but there's nothing you can do about it. What's lost is lost.
    • You're ashamed--How could you lose something so precious?
    • It's nothing to lose your head over--But you feel strongly about it, and you want it back, now.
    • You go about it in a certain way--Trying hard not to make the wrong decisions as you do so. You'll avoid consequence at any cost.
    • You'll do anything to get it back--No matter how long it takes.
    • You're prideful and rash--You'll get it back with brute force and disorganized decisions.
    • Some things that are lost cannot be replaced and you know that well enough. However, you learn to deal with it.
  3. You find out one of your friends is harboring a dark secret. This secret must be told immediately. How do you go about confronting your friend?

    • A secret is a secret. You won't tell--because you can't. You swore you wouldn't.
    • You don't believe that your friend could hold such a secret--And to hide it from you all this time?! You confront them, bewildered and curious as to what they have to say for themselves.
    • You confront them in front of a big crowd, making it known to everyone around you.
    • Some secrets cannot be confronted--It's better that you keep it to yourself, but keep it close in mind. You now know your friend's true colors...And they don't have to know that you do.
    • You confront them politely--Knowing that your friend has a reputation for being a bit aggressive.
    • If the secret isn't a danger to you, then you'll pretend you never heard it. Secret? What secret?
    • Your friend is obviously in the wrong, and you are upset that someone you thought you knew could hold such a secret. You confront them, anger blazing.
  4. Let's face it: Everyone has road rage. Someone cuts in front of you. How do you explode?

    • It was rude, no doubt. You kindly stick the middle finger out of your window.
    • "Really? On a backed up highway? What a douchebag move." *Sighs*
    • "The bloody bastard! I'll stop this car right now and fight him, I swear!" *HOOOOONK* "YEAH, THAT'S RIGHT, I HONKED, WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT?!?!"
    • You let them--You know he might have his own reasons as to why he did that, and you can't go making decisions when you don't know the full story.
    • "Did he just cut in front of me? He did. Wow. I'm going to honk my horn SO hard."
    • You get out of your car, right there, and attempt to fight him. You must protect your honor and pride!
    • "I'm going to jot down his license plate and have a serious talk with his mother."
  5. Your friend wants to take you out to eat, but has no idea what you like. You suggest...

    • Something fancy. A nice Italian restaurant, maybe.
    • You like more healthy things: Walnuts, trailmix, same old, same old.
    • You're more of a Starbucks/Coffee kind of person.
    • Pizza. Definitely pizza.
    • Something that involves a lot of hands-on food: Sitting at a bar and watching some football with all you can eat wings? Perfect.
    • Something simple: Maybe a nice diner?
    • You let them decide--After all, they're treating.
  6. Family Reunion! Who are you?

    • You're conversing with each relative, trying to make everyone feel included before the night is over.
    • You're sort of the prize child. Your relatives are amazed by how much you've grown and accomplished.
    • You're the host, and you're going around seeing if any drinks need refilling, if any chip platters are finished, etc.
    • The one who breaks the vase and slowly backs away--Or blames it on your little brother.
    • The one everyone fusses over, asking, "Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend yet?" and complimenting you throughout the whole night.
    • The one who gets their cheeks pinched by ALL the grandmas and aunts.
    • The awkward one that everyone kind of brushes past. You're not very talkative, you know?
  7. Last question! Why do you like Game of Thrones?

    • It has blood and gore and nudity--Something you wouldn't see on regular TV!
    • The special effects are good, and the characters are well-developed.
    • It's different and has a great, interesting plotline that's easy enough to follow.
    • The plot is articulate and covers almost everything without leaving any questions.
    • You'll be honest: The characters are attractive. Plus, there's boobs. And other womanly/manly parts.
    • You like fantasy, action, and adventure, and Game of Thrones has all of that.
    • It teaches powerful lessons about the world--Both the old and the new.
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