Are You a Villain or a Hero, and WHO!?

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See if you're a HEARTLESS MONSTER , a loving caring hero or a civilian

  1. What would you do if you had a power level of over 9,000?

    • Stop villains from hurting innocent people!
    • Rule the universe!
    • Destroy galaxies!
    • Help people in my hometown
  2. What type of friend are you?

    • I have minions, not friends!
    • My friends can always count on me
    • I don't need friends, just a space traveler
    • I'm a great friend
  3. If you created a disease what would you do with it?

    • Make an antidote disease for everyone and sell it for extremely high prices.
    • Use it as a weapon for yourself.
    • Keep it, you never know when a war will break out.
    • Get rid of it.
    • Threaten people with it in order to get all the world's money.
  4. If you were called aboard a spaceship for your skill what would you do?

    • Help them stop villains
    • Research them hack their security system take their confidential file and show them my other skills before boarding and if they don't like me i'll release all their shameful info
    • Kill everyone who doesn't like me and make everyone else my minions MU-HA-HA
    • Work my way to the top to help the world
    • Give up the position and continue being a badass in my own town
  5. If you were LEGENDARY because of your amount of strength what would you do?

    • Help Civilians
    • Keep training to keep out enemy threats
    • Keep it to myself and keep being a badass
    • Sleep,destroy a planet and stay a badass
    • Make them my sex slaves
    • Make people fear me and become my slaves
  6. Do you like this quiz?

    • I'm surprised i've let you live this long
    • I have people to kill
    • yes
    • Sure....
    • DIE!!!
    • i have villains to stop
    • ehh...
    • MU-HA-HA
    • shut up
    • I have people to save
  7. If you could kill anyone just by writing their name what would you do?

    • Give it to the book to the authorities
    • burn it
    • threaten people with the book
    • use it only for criminals and those who stand in my way of perfection
    • Just another thing to destroy planets and races with MU-HAHAHAHA-HA-HA-H
    • Keep it
    • Give it to the gods and sleep
  8. On a scale of 1-10 how villainous do you think you are?

    • 9 Super Villain
    • 5 Villain
    • 7 Beta Villain
    • 4 Hero/Villain
    • 8 Alpha Villain
    • 3 Hero
    • 2 Super Hero
    • 1 Ultra Hero
    • 6 Omega Villain
    • 10 Ultra Overlord Villain
  9. On a scale of 1-10 how heroic are you?

    • Super Hero
    • Hero/Villain
    • Alpha Hero
    • Ultra Hero
    • Omega Hero
    • Hero
    • Villain
    • 2 Super Villain
    • 1 Ultra Overlord Villain
    • Omega Villain
  10. What Power Move Would You Use In A Battle?

    • Brain
    • Pumpkin Bombs
    • Ultra Bullet
    • Minus Energy Death Ball
    • Supernova
    • Revenge Death Ball
    • Omega Blast
    • Death Ball
    • Ultra Kamehameha
    • Surroundings
    • Fire Blade
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