Which Assassin's Creed Assassin would you be?

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Ever wondered which assassin from "Assassin's Creed" you would be? Let's find out!

  1. Which do you value most?

    • Adventure and the Heat of the moment!
    • Family and Loved ones
    • Freedom and Justice
    • Vengeance and Fury
  2. What would you prefer when it comes to your Assassin's robes?

    • Something black with a bit of a steampunk feel to it
    • Straight up black
    • A jet black with magnificent gold lining
    • Something simple, with a dark color like dark blue.
    • Something classic: White and red,
    • Bulky. I want to look tough!
    • Something like Edward. A swashbuckler with a bit of assassin in there
  3. What would be your favorite time in history?

    • The Old West!
    • Middle Ages
    • European industrial revolution
    • Renaissance
    • American Revolution
    • WWII
    • Pirates of the Caribbean
  4. What weather do you prefer?

    • Hot! Come on! Bring the heat!
    • Tropical with a nice ocean breeze!
    • Cold, I prefer to be shivering
  5. LASTLY: What is your best trait?

    • My Loyalty
    • My vigilance
    • My courage
    • My Strength
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