Which Johnny Depp Character Are You?

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With the upcoming film Black Mass, we are getting a taste of two of my favorite actors: Johnny Depp and Benedict Cumberbatch. Depp is known to have portrayed a wide variety of different characters across several decades, some of which that are now internationally recognized. With all of Depp's roles throughout the years, which one would you be?

  1. What is your beverage of choice?

    • A good cup of coffee or tea is always nice.
    • I don't drink much.
    • Anything alcoholic.
    • Nothing beats a good soft drink.
    • Water is fine.
  2. What about your favorite snack?

    • I don't snack much. I only eat around mealtimes.
    • Something salty, like pretzels or peanuts.
    • Anything sugary to satisfy my sweet tooth.
    • A piece of fruit will usually do the trick.
    • Meaty snacks are my favorite. I love my protein.
  3. What is one word your friends would use to describe you?

    • Driven
    • Spiratic
    • Innovative
    • Analytical
    • Reserved
  4. What is your true passion?

    • I enjoy art. Whether that be writing or painting, I love to express myself.
    • I seek knowledge and reason. Everything in the world can be explained, given enough time.
    • Nothing short of adventure will satisfy me.
    • I live in the moment. My passion involves doing whatever the moment requires to be done.
    • I seek financial success, and my passion lies in my business ventures.
  5. How much sleep do you usually get at night?

    • I could sleep all day if someone would let me.
    • It varies. I could pass out for ten hours or wake up an hour after my head hits the pillow.
    • I get my eight hours to enforce a healthy lifestyle.
    • Sleep? Who needs sleep?
    • I usually sleep a bit shorter than the average human. Maybe five or six hours.
  6. What is your favorite animal?

    • I love the majesty of horses.
    • Do people count?
    • I like ocean-dwelling creatures. Fish, sharks, whales, anything.
    • I like rabbits and other small woodland creatures.
    • I like birds and things of the sky.
  7. What weapon would you brandish in a fight?

    • My mind is my greatest weapon.
    • Give me a gun, let me dispose of enemies at a safe distance.
    • I'm not much in a fight. I'm more the type to run for it.
    • Anything with a sharp edge will do nicely.
    • Who needs weapons when you have an army?
  8. How technologically adept are you?

    • I am well versed in mechanics and gadgetry.
    • What is this technology you speak of?
    • I live in a very technologically-deficient environment.
    • I have the basics down, but I can do wonders with the simplest knowledge.
    • I know what I need to, but I can learn very quickly.
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