Quiz: Would You Survive in the Scorch?

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So you've somehow escaped the Maze, let's see how you fare in the Scorch!

  1. You wake up alone in an empty room, what do you do first?

    • Sit down and try to think my way out before making any movements
    • Scream as loud as I can in the hopes that someone hears me
    • Beat down the only door in the room until I get out
    • Try to search the room for clues
  2. Pick a weapon you would want to go out and brave the Scorch with:

    • A gun
    • A sword
    • My brain is more than enough
    • Does food count as a weapon? I don't want to risk going hungry
  3. What would the tattoo on the back of your neck read?

    • The Brains
    • The Fighter
    • The Sleeper
    • The Follower
  4. You're awoken by a pretty jarring dream, how much do you trust it?

    • A lot! Dreams can have pretty significant meaning
    • If I notice any staggering parallels I'll start shifting my mindset to take the meaning of the dream into consideration
    • I'll definitely keep an eye out for any signs, but I won't let it cloud my judgement
    • I don't listen to it at all. It's just a dream, after all
  5. You come face to face with a Crank, how do you react?

    • Kill them on sight! Better safe than sorry
    • Try to talk to them first to see how far their symptoms have progressed
    • Run in the opposite direction
    • Consult with the rest of the group to see how they want to proceed
  6. Your friend is in trouble once you're attacked by Bulb Monsters, how do you react?

    • Make sure that everyone else in the group can fend for themselves before attempting to help in the most dire situation
    • Immediately jump into action and try to save them without even thinking about it
    • Pause quickly to strategize, then try to take the smartest approach to the situation
    • Run away! Having the both of you dead would be no help to anyone
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