What Relative of Friezas Race Are You!?

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Son,Brother,Mother,Father!? You'll Find Out Here

  1. If Your Father Was A Ruler of A Race What Would You DO!?

    • start a rebellion
    • Serve under my father
    • Secretly want him dead
    • form my own race
    • Tie him off for a while
  2. What Name Has The Best 'Ring' To It?

    • King
    • Emperor
    • Galactic Overlord
    • The Strongest
    • A Destructor
    • Lord
  3. Which Annoys You More?

    • People who don't treat you like a PRINCE
    • People who hate my people
    • People who don't treat you how you should be treated
    • People who don't treat you like a KING
    • People who hate other people's people
  4. What Move Would You Use

    • Genocide Blast
    • Cold Power
    • I Will Kill You With My Own Hands!
    • Supernova
    • Death Beam
    • Death Ball
  5. Would You Ever Favourite A Child?

    • Yes
    • My Parents Love Me
    • Pshhhh kids
    • No
    • My Dad Loves ME!!
    • I love all my children the same
  6. If You Were The Strongest In The Universe, What Would You Do!?

    • Hold it in
    • Keep Training
    • Stay royal and rich and STRONG!
    • have people do my dirty work
    • Follow My Dad's Footsteps
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