Which Napoleon Dynamite Character Are You?

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Think you're a smart young pup? See if you got what it takes to become: Uncle Rico, Kip, or Napoleon himself!

  1. The Best Accessories To Make Yourself Look Legit Are:

    • Gold Bracelets.
    • Laminated Name Tags With Your Picture On Them.
    • Moon Boots.
  2. Your Snack Of Choice Is:

    • Steak.
    • Delicious Bass.
    • Nachos With Orange Cheese.
  3. If Something Is Cool, You Would Say:

    • "That's What I'm Talkin' About!"
    • "Right On!"
    • "Flippin' Sweet!"
  4. If Something Went Wrong Or Someone Made You TO'd, You Would Say:

    • "Dang It!"
    • "I Wish you Would Get Outta My Life And Shut Up!"
    • "Get Some Pampers For You And Your Brother."
  5. The Best Gift Someone Could Possibly Give You Would Be:

    • A Sweet Ride With Shocks And Pegs.
    • A Time Machine To Take You Back To '82.
    • Major Bling.
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