Which Doctor Who Enemy Are You?

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Even though the series has lasted several decades now, Doctor Who is still regarded as one of the best science-fiction franchises of all time. The show stays captivating episode after episode, and that is partially due to the abundance of varied villains. Each one poses a terrifying new threat in it's own way. From daleks to cybermen, which enemy would you be?

  1. What is your strategy to take down the Doctor?

    • I prefer brute force. A wall can only take so much pressure before it crumbles.
    • Speed is key! If you can rush in fast enough, you won't give your enemy enough time to defend himself.
    • Strategic tactics are the way to go. Out-thinking someone is the quickest way to ensure their failure.
    • Stealth is always the best strategy. They can't fight what they can't see.
    • Chaos is the favorite! No amount of strength or speed can prepare for pure insanity.
  2. How fast do your plans usually take action?

    • Pretty quickly. I think things out for a little bit before diving in.
    • It varies. I prefer to think things through, but sometimes you have to jump on an opportunity.
    • I prefer to take my time. The longer, more elaborate plans usually have a higher chance of success.
    • Immediately. When I have an idea, I act right away.
    • It takes quite a while for my plans to come to fruition. Sometimes I have to wait years after planning for the opportune moment to strike.
  3. How scary are you?

    • My looks aren't scary, but my personality with have you crippled with fear. I have quite the scary mindset.
    • I am terrifying. I am the stuff that nightmares are made of. My appearance alone could make you die of fright.
    • I'm somewhat intimidating, but I wouldn't go as far as to call myself scary.
    • Not very. I'm actually kind of comical.
    • I am pretty scary, but some people
  4. Do you use weapons?

    • Yes, I use many weapons. Whatever I can get my hands on.
    • Sometimes. I know my way around a blaster, but I can do just as much damage without one.
    • I can do more damage with my bare hands.
    • Give me a laser beam and I'll be fine.
    • Who needs weapons when you have magic?
  5. How do you deal with your enemies?

    • I destroy them without a second thought. They are not fit to be in my presence.
    • Imprison them so that they'll stay out of your way in the future.
    • Whatever I have to.
    • Just scare them away from ever crossing you again.
    • I play a game of catch-and-release. Why cheat yourself out of good fun?
  6. Are you better at fight or flight?

    • Flight. I know when I am outmatched. My plans work better from a distance.
    • Both. It really depends on the day. I could put up quite a fight if I needed to, or I could escape from sight if necessary.
    • Fight. No matter how strong my opponent is, I can find a weakness.
    • Fight. My strength will surely give me the upper hand in battle.
    • Flight. I'll kill if I have to, but I don't have much experience in the ways of combat.
  7. What is your ultimate end-goal?

    • World domination.
    • World domination.
    • Something else.
    • World domination.
    • World domination.
  8. And finally, who is your favorite doctor?

    • Christopher Eccleston
    • One of the older Doctors.
    • David Tennant
    • Peter Capaldi
    • Matt Smith
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