Would you survive a night alone in this creepy place?

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Do you have what it takes or you better run for your life?Find out!

  1. You hear a scratching noise outside your door..you...

    • Scream as loud as you can!
    • Grab a baseball bat and run to the door!
    • You hide under your blanket .
    • Approach the door and lock it.
  2. You are watching TV when you feel a presence behind you and the TV goes off:

    • You close your eyes and try to find the light switch.
    • You calmly try to open the Tv again
    • You scream as loud as you can!
    • You run back at your room locking the door!
  3. You stare outside the window and you see a creepy figure little by little approaching the house..

    • You close the curtain and light up the place.
    • You lock the window and door and try to forget your self by hiding in the closet.
    • You start praying while crying
    • You take a weapon and wait for it to come closer!
  4. In the middle of the night you hear voice calling your name:

    • You start singing loudly so that you can't hear the voice.
    • You keep on sleeping.
    • You stay up all night listening carefully to what the voice says from under your bed.
    • You run out of the room relieved that someone else is here with you
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