Does he know you love him?

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I´ll help you find out in 3 questions. And, please, subscribe!

  1. Do you write texts? And who is writing first?

    • Yes and him.
    • Yes and both of us.
    • No.
    • Yes and me.
  2. Is there any physical contact when you are not texting?

    • Yes, I´m sometimes "randomly" touching him.
    • Yes, we are touching each other.
    • Yes, he is sometimes "randomly" touching me.
    • No. Sadly!
  3. He is...

    • normal to me like i am to him.
    • nice, funny and i am laughing about every of his jokes.
    • lovely, a gentleman, funny, good looking..... And I try my best to be perfect for him.
    • always nice and a REAL gentleman.
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