Which Book Series Are You?

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From the Magical Narnia series, to the intense Hunger Games Trilogy, which book series are you?

  1. What do you like to drink while reading?

    • Tea
    • Nothing
    • Hot Chocolate
    • Water
  2. Do you even like books to begin with.

    • Yeah! I could sit down with a book for a while
    • It's alright.
    • Nah
    • I love reading! Books are a necessity.
  3. Someone spills soda on your new novel. What do you do?

    • I ask them to buy me a new one. Simple.
    • I take a deep breath and set the book out to dry.
    • Roll my eyes. They're definitely paying for a new copy....
    • I take the sopping wet book and throw it at them. Now they have to pay for a new one
  4. Where would you prefer to read a book?

    • Alone, probably in bed under my covers.
    • Under a tree or next to someone with a blanket to share.
    • Anywhere! At the bus stop, at home, or outdoors!
    • In the woods or by a river. Perhaps by a fireplace
  5. How do you treat your books?

    • Decently. They have some wear, but I do my best to keep them looking good.
    • I try to keep them nice! But, somehow they always end up with bent covers or water marks...
    • I NEVER bend a page to save my place. My books look like they came fresh off the press
    • I guess, they're kind of worn, but only because I read a book more than once
  6. What do you love about reading?

    • I enjoy the peace, and the illusion of other worlds books provide.
    • I like the imagery and real concepts books give.
    • I love the story! Different tales are so fascinating! They take you to different worlds!
    • Everything! Books can come in so many different genres. I love anticipating what comes next!
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