Which Maze Runner character are you?

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You don't know where you are. You're panicking. You're stuck in a box. All of a sudden, the top of the box opens, and light shines through. As you rise, you look at the place around you. High stone walls? Grass? Boys? Is this a maze?

Who will you be? Take this quiz to find out.

  1. What would you do if a Griever came your way?

    • Attack head first and dive in and eat the Griever and kill it twice
    • Plan a strategy and attack
    • Protect those around you
    • Watch other people fight it off while you lurk in the corners
    • Turn the other way and it's every man for himself
  2. If you were stuck in a room, you would...

    • Think of the past and your friends
    • Search the room for clues, maybe cry a little while you're at it
    • Start pounding the doors until you break free
    • Look for an obvious way out
    • Think of a plan to get out of the room
  3. It's just you and a friend. You have one apple left and both of you are hungry. What do you do?

    • Split the apple up
    • Take the apple without hesitance and nomnomnomnomnomnnomnomnom
    • Say "Awww shucks"
    • Let your friend have the apple
    • Try and find more food
  4. Who is you're favorite character?

    • Minho
    • Chuck
    • Newt
    • Teresa
    • Gally
    • Thomas
  5. Your stuck in the maze. The door is about to close. You...

    • Try and climb the vines on the Maze's walls
    • Run as fast as you can and try to get past it
    • Give up and start crying
    • Pace around, trying to make a plan
    • Fight for your right
  6. How would you categorize yourself?

    • The Keeper
    • The Newbie
    • The Brains
    • The Leader
    • The Runner
  7. Who are you?

    • The person who quickly adapts to surroundings
    • The playful one
    • A Runner
    • The one who can speak telepathically
    • The one no one bothers because you have a temper
  8. Your friend dies. You..

    • Cry
    • Say goodbye and start running
    • Run the other direction. Whatever killed your friend, you know you don't wanna mess with it
    • Save your friend's body
  9. In your free time you..

    • Make and draw out the Maze's map
    • Fight people in your group
    • Sit on the floor alone and think over everything
    • Try and blend in with your group
    • Hang with friends
  10. How much did you like this quiz?

    • ehhh...
    • A LOT A LOT
    • I liked it
    • sucked really bad
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