Which Wes Craven Horror Flick are you?

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Are you nightmarish? Or do you tend to scream a lot?

  1. How much do you love food?

    • I am a #foodie
    • Food?! You mean, bacon, right?!
    • I eat to stay energized
  2. What are you doing on Friday?

    • Staying in for a movie
    • Spending time with the family
    • Hanging out with friends
  3. How creative are you?

    • I can be very crafty
    • OMG! Pinterest!
    • I suck at crafts
  4. What is your dream vacation?

    • Someplace warm!
    • No rest for the wicked
    • Secluded family home
  5. Who is your crush?

    • The 'family' oriented person
    • The 'Jock/Cheerleader'
    • Crush?! I don't have a crush!
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