Would You Survive The Infinity War?

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From that split-second in the Avengers mid-credit scene, we knew that Thanos' appearance could mean nothing but trouble for Earth's mightiest heroes. Thanos is infamous for his near-unstoppable strength, and during the Infinity Gauntlet comic series, he killed just about every hero Marvel had to offer. With Marvel speeding towards the Infinity War, it's time to figure out whether you have the brawn or brains to take on the Mad Titan!

  1. After you have gathered any surviving heroes and you have discovered Thanos' location, how do you act?

    • Attack in waves. Send hero after hero until Thanos is worn down.
    • Use the element of surprise to execute a surprise attack.
    • Rush him head on. Use brute force to power him down.
    • Attempt to sneak up on him and dispose of him stealthily. Try and limit the bloodshed.
  2. When you find Thanos, you realize he's been waiting for you. What is your plan of attack?

    • Send in Iron Man. His ability to fly could put Thanos at a disadvantage.
    • Send in Wolverine. His adamantium claws and healing factor will make quite the fearsome combination.
    • Send in Spider-Man. He could string up Thanos in his web to leave Thanos vulnerable to the rest of the heroes.
    • Send in Thor. His hammer could deal quite the blow to weaken Thanos.
  3. In the midst of battle, you see Thanos kill your friend. How do you react?

    • Forget about your friend. Continue with the battle as planned. You don't want your friend to have died in vain.
    • Rush forward in a rage, putting all of your energy into one final attack.
    • Turn around and run as fast as you can. You saw what he did to your friend, he could easily do that to you as well.
    • Curl up into a ball and cry. You did witness your friend's death after all.
  4. A slew of fallen heroes lays around you and you see that Thanos has the Hulk by his throat. How do you distract him?

    • Pick up Hawkeye's bow and shoot an arrow at Thanos. It'll distract him for the second that Hulk needs to break free.
    • Grab Thor's hammer and bash him upside the head. That'll get his mind off of the Hulk.
    • Leave Hulk to die. Sure it's sad, but intervening will only get you killed as well.
    • Find Captain America's shield and heave it at the titan. The vibranium is sure to leave quite a dent.
  5. After a long battle, you are the last hero standing. What's your move?

    • Keep fighting. You can't let this battle be for nothing.
    • Run for it. There is no point in fighting a foe you can't kill.
    • Stall him. Maybe reinforcements will arrive in time to come to your aid.
    • Just submit. Thanos is too powerful. If you can't beat him, join him.
  6. You are on the brink of death. There is no way you can stand against such a powerful opponent. What do you do?

    • Attempt to dodge and hide.You need to re-gain your strength.
    • Just let yourself die. You can't win.
    • Make sure to give him a nice insult. If you're going to die, might as well get the last word in.
    • Give every ounce of your energy into fighting back. You can't give up now.
  7. As you draw closer to defeat, you look up and notice that cosmic reinforcements have arrived! Time for a one-liner.

    • "Give up now Titan, evil never wins."
    • "I have the might of the universe on my side, you don't stand a chance."
    • "Your mom goes to college..."
    • "There isn't enough space here for you Thanos."
  8. Thanos is finally defeated, and you have ripped the gauntlet from his hand. What do you do with it?

    • You have unlimited power in your reach. It's time to rule the world!
    • Throw it into the depths of space where nobody will ever find it.
    • Use it to fight crime and make the galaxy a better place.
    • You can't trust yourself with this power. Give the gauntlet to someone you trust.
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