Which Human Centipede character are you?

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Which Human Centipede character are you? Test it here!

  1. Someone is very annoying to you at your work and you totally don't like it. What would you do?

    • You tell him to shut his mouth, this is childish behaviour. And he is an idiot.
    • You get angry. If he is REALLY annoying you slap him.
    • Nothing , you are too shy. Maybe you walk away.
  2. What is your favorite activity on a Saturday night?

    • Go to my friends and making fun!
    • Doing a hobby like painting or something.
    • Watching horror movies.
  3. How often do you end up in awkward situations?

    • Almost never.
    • Quite often.
    • Sometimes.
  4. What happens when you speak for many people at the same time?

    • Sometimes I say things that are inconvenient but I generally doing well.
    • I tell them what I 've prepared and afterwards I am quite satisfied.
    • I'm very nervous and totally don't know what to say anymore.
  5. Are you happy with how you look ?

    • Never thought about that.
    • I love myself!
    • Don't know, sometimes I don't like myself.
  6. What's your favourite film genre?

    • Informative films
    • Romance or drama
    • Horror or comedy
  7. Who are you among your friends ?

    • The crazy one.
    • The one with the big fantasy.
    • If they have problems, you are the first person who knows everything about it.
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