Attack on Titan - Which do you belong to?

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Are you a soldier in the Military Police Brigade, Garrison or Survey Corps? Find out in this quiz to see which branch of the military you were born to be a part of!

  1. At school which of the follow most applies to you?

    • I was/am the class clown...HONK HONK!
    • I was/am a star athlete! Get me a protein shake!
    • I was/am the teacher pet, all it takes is a shiny apple on their desk every morning.
    • I was/am on the honor role and always achieved top grades.
    • I was/am a cheerleader. Two-Four-Six-Eight!
    • I was/am the outsider, who needs friend when I have my dark thoughts.
  2. When playing a strategic game, what are you more likely to do?

    • Use my intellect to come up with a good strategy to combat my foe.
    • Hold my resources back and force my enemy to make the first move.
    • Go straight for it! Go big or go home!
  3. You are confronted by a 14 foot Titan, what is your course of action?

    • Follow my commander's lead.
    • Co-ordinate with my fellow soldier and take the beast down!
    • HIDE!!!!
    • Show my that nap baby! You're going down!
    • Fire up my 3D maneuvering gear and get the hell out of the way!
    • Wait for orders on how to proceed.
  4. Your best friend has just been devoured by a Titan! How do you react?

    • Request for permission from my superior to go after the Titan.
    • RUN! Otherwise I could be next!
    • PANIC! Cos I am in the Titan's other hand and I am next!
    • I am furious, but without orders to attack I will remain at my post.
    • Trust me, that Titan was dead by my hands before he had the chance to swallow my best friend!
  5. A Titan has been spotted with the walls of Rose district. What do you do?

    • Head to the location.
    • Report to the Garrison.
    • Gear up ready for a fight.
    • Distribute supplies to the soldiers.
    • Report to my superior.
    • Await orders from my superiors.
  6. Your best friend has been accused of being a Titan-Shifter. How would you react?

    • Not gonna lie, I'd be nervous.
    • I would vouch for them and swear on their character.
    • I would consult with my fellow soldiers and find out the common consensus.
    • I'd offer to take responsibility for them.
    • I believe the courts will make the correct decision.
    • I'd be questioning why they never told me.
  7. You are being chased by an Abnormal, what would you be thinking?

    • I'M GOING TO DIE!!!!!
    • I'd be planning how I can deal with this thing!
    • To look for my comrades for assistance!
    • To ride my horse as fast as I can!
    • I'm drawing my blades ready and I would just be waiting for my opportunity.
    • I'd be looking for a good point to fire my 3D Maneuvering Gear and get off the ground!
  8. Which section of the Military would you want to join?

    • Survey Corp
    • Military Police Brigade
    • Garrison
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