What weapon do you wield?

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Guns run out of ammo, swords deplete your strength.Choose wisely.,you may need this in future.

  1. to start off, whats your favorite color?

    • gold.
    • orange.
    • whatever means justice.
    • green.
    • dose black count?
    • all of them!
  2. who would you rather go toe-to-toe with?

    • hulk because there is no one else i couldn't beat!
    • someone honorable, say Thor for instance.
    • deadpool! cause chimichangas!
    • wolverine.a challenging opponent.
    • Thanos because i'm mighty fine like that .
    • a villan of some sort because he deserves to die.
  3. you somehow survive a plane explosion and end up on an island full of predators. what do you plan to do?

    • hide from the predators until you find things to live on.
    • do what is right.try to befriend them and live among them.
    • look for survivors and try to get off the island as fast as you can.
    • start to harvest edible plants.your going to be here for a while...
    • pummel them, of course.
    • kill all of the predators!!!
  4. and last of all, your favorite animal.

    • zebra.
    • deadpool.
    • a canary, swift and colorful.
    • the dog, a loyal companion.
    • a shark.
    • i hate animals....
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