What Dragon Are You?

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The fantasy genre is full of fun and mysterious creatures, but no creature has remained as constant as the classic dragon. From animated classics like How To Train Your Dragon to live-action masterpieces like Game of Thrones, dragons have varied greatly over several generations of film-making. Some are good, some are evil, but all of them are awesome! Which one are you?

  1. How active are you throughout your week?

    • Not at all. I spend most of my time sleeping.
    • Moderately. It really depends on the circumstances.
    • I would like to be active, but I'm usually chained down with all my work.
    • I get around at times, but I wouldn't call myself active.
    • I'm very active. I love to go on quick runs to test my speed.
    • I love to go on walks and strolls to explore the countryside.
  2. What is your attitude towards love?

    • I'm a hopeless romantic.
    • Hatred is so much more satisfying.
    • I don't really have time for nonsense like that.
    • I'm more of a friendship sort of person.
    • I have nothing against the concept, I just haven't found the right person yet.
    • I believe in love very much, and I am a firm believer in protecting those you love.
  3. What is your preferred habitat?

    • A beautiful grassy grove with trees and lakes.
    • Densely populated areas, like cities and towns.
    • Somewhere grand and extravagant, like a palace or a castle.
    • I prefer to always be on the move. I don't like staying in one place.
    • Somewhere dark and mysterious like a cave.
    • Rocky cliffs and mountains are more my taste.
  4. Let's ease you in with a simple question. What is your favorite color?

    • Shiny yellows and oranges.
    • You can't go wrong with purple!
    • Blue and grey are both really nice.
    • Black as the night.
    • Earthy browns and greens.
    • I'd go with classic red.
  5. How would your friends describe you?

    • I'm witty and sarcastic. I'm always the first to help, but you know I'll crack a joke while doing so.
    • I'm greedy and controlling. I take what I want.
    • I enjoy chaos. I'm one of those that just loves to watch the world burn.
    • I'm pretty shy. I avoid people, but I can still form some good friendships.
    • I'm a very loving person, but I am often misunderstood. Those who get to know me end up really liking me though.
    • I'm can come off as scary and intimidating, but I care greatly about protecting those I love.
  6. Now let's talk about alignment. Are you a good or evil?

    • Chaotic Evil
    • Lawful Neutral
    • Lawful Good
    • Chaotic Good
    • Chaotic Neutral
    • Lawful Evil
  7. Okay, time to role-play. You're a dragon and you see your first human. What do you do?

    • Reveal yourself in glorious and dramatic fashion. Make sure they remember you.
    • Scare them into hiding. You have better things to worry about than these vermin.
    • Befriend them. How bad could they actually be?
    • Taunt them. It's about time you had some real amusement.
    • Attack instantly. Humans are but insects to you, and insects are pesky.
    • Hide. Wait and see if they are hostile and then respond accordingly.
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