Which upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe Hero are you?

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Are you more like everyone's favourite web slinger or the sorcerer supreme? Find out which of Marvel's Upcoming phase 3 heroes you are!

  1. Got any romances going?

    • I have one special person!
    • Little of this, little of that!
    • Oh yeah, plenty going for me!
    • No, I have no such time!
    • We all have our loves.
  2. Which current Avenger is your favourite?

    • Thor!
    • Black Widow!
    • The Hulk!
    • Ironman!
    • Captain America!
  3. Favourite colour?

    • No idea!
    • Um.. black?
    • The colour of magic!
    • Loving the red, white and blue!
    • Red! No... blue! No... red!
  4. What do you do in your time off?

    • Hide!
    • Homework!
    • Practice!
    • Dictate!
    • Serve!
  5. What kind of introduction do you want?

    • An epic cameo in the biggest film of the year!
    • On TV, when no-one expects it!
    • When no-one expects it!
    • With my own origin film!
    • A big role in the biggest film of the year!
  6. Where do you hang out off duty?

    • New York, New York!
    • My Palace!
    • Own private country!
    • Wherever I want, I can fly!
    • Some mystical dimension!
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