Which MCU villain are you?

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Are you more like the devious Loki or the insane Ultron? Find out which of the biggest and baddest MCU villains you are most like!

  1. You are asked how you became a villain, what do you say?

    • I tell them it's about the future I envision!
    • I do not say anything, I crush them!
    • I tell them I was born this way!
    • I kill them for suggesting that it is I who am the villain!
    • I'm just in it for the power!
    • It's about the destruction of my enemies!
  2. Which kind of evil plan suits you best?

    • One that nobody sees coming!
    • One that takes years of planning and two films!
    • One where I just keep moving up the ranks until I am in charge!
    • One that involves improving myself over and over!
    • One where I become filthy rich!
    • One where I destroy a planet!
  3. What do you do in your spare time?

    • I work with shady people to get more money!
    • I search for more power!
    • I work on my tricks!
    • I bathe in black stuff!
    • Self improvement!
    • I sit in my chair and laugh.
  4. How do you feel about infinity stones?

    • What's an infinity stone? More money!
    • I need to get one back!
    • I lost two... dammit.
    • I finally found one, and it's mine!
    • I have one, and it brings me power!
  5. Is there someone special in your life?

    • She betrayed me!
    • No, I must destroy, not create!
    • Yes. Me, and me, and more me.
    • I loved my mother, but she is dead.
    • Yes, the sweet grip of death.
    • I have no time for such trivial pursuits, more power!
  6. Who do you hate the most?

    • Ant-Man!
    • Tony Stark!
    • Everyone!
    • Star-Lord!
    • Thor!
    • Captain America!
  7. Would you ever help a hero?

    • I am a hero!
    • Never! They must be destroyed!
    • Never, I turn them into villains!
    • They'll think I'm helping!
    • Only if it gives me what I want!
  8. Which Netflix show is your favourite?

    • Better Call Saul!
    • Orange is the New Black!
    • House of Cards!
    • Daredevil!
    • Arrested Development!
    • Sense8!
  9. Favourite colour?

    • Yellow!
    • Red!
    • Silver!
    • Blue!
    • Purple!
    • Green!
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