What Member of the Addams Family Are You?

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Take this quiz to find out what character you are best suited to be in The Addams Family.

  1. What do you absolutely hate?

    • People who hurt those you care about
    • Change
    • Lying
    • Musicals
  2. Where is your dream vacation?

    • Anywhere with your family
    • A place where the music is hoppin'
    • A romantic getaway
    • Somewhere relaxing and quiet
  3. What is your relationship status?

    • Happily in love
    • It's complicated
    • Lookin' for love
    • I'm scared of love!
  4. My humor can be describes as...

    • Slapstick
    • Animated
    • Morbid
    • Witty
  5. You will often hear me...

    • Moaning and groaning
    • Laughing
    • Screaming in pain
    • Rambling on about stuff nobody cares about
  6. Are you smart?

    • Not really, but I learn from my mistakes
    • I am very wise person
    • I know lots about certain subjects
    • I am very clever for my age
  7. How would your friends best described?

    • I have many friends and we all come together at my many parties
    • They see me as the leader and they make sure not to cross me
    • I can always entertain them. They're the only people who understand me
    • I don't have a lot of friends, but if I did we would do crazy daring things
  8. Pick a career you could see yourself in:

    • Waiter
    • Chef
    • Musician
    • Detective
Your result:
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