Which TV Character are you?

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TV has the world's attention. I love it. You love it. Answer the Quiz and see which TV character is most like you!

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  1. Favourite Past Time?

    • Drinking Beverages with my friends and family
    • Watching TV shows
    • Doing all kinds of crazy stuff!!!
    • Playing Video games
    • [Coding]
    • Playing Music
  2. Choose one activity.

    • Listening to a lecture on dark matter
    • Horse Riding
    • Playing video games on your XBOX
    • Working! Don't have the time or the money to do other stuff!!!
    • Running the government
    • Playing Pranks!
  3. Something you look for in a partner.

    • Must be as intelligent as I am.
    • Someone I work with.
    • Someone close to the family.
    • Someone I know. Someone I meet everyday.
    • Anyone of the opposite gender.
    • Must be resolute, determined and calm.
    • Must tolerate all of my idiosyncrasies.
  4. Food/Beverage of choice?

    • Spaghetti with little hot dogs cut up in it!
    • Junk food. Something that will keep me energised.
    • Anything fun and Delicious!
    • Tea.
    • Strawberry Quick
    • Ribs......
    • Pizza. Painkillers
    • Scrambled eggs and toast.
  5. TV show/ Movie of choice?

    • The Social Network
    • Star Wars
    • Hospital Soaps
    • Sci-fi...... Cheesy movies.
    • Veep
    • Pride and Prejudice
    • Dr. Who
  6. Do you believe in God?

    • Yes.
    • I have to.... because my mother is very religious.
    • Yeah.... kinda.
    • I'm a atheist
    • Yes. There is a higher power.
    • I don't like the concept of God.
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