What Pixar friendship do you and your best friend have?

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Pixar has given us many great friendships, but they're all different and special in their own way! Find out what famous duo from Pixar movies you and your friend are like! Comment your result and share with your friends!

  1. Where did you meet your best friend?

    • The most random place.
    • When we were very young at school.
    • I was the new person and they were the friendliest to me
    • They were the new person in work/school
  2. What was your first NEGATIVE impression of each other?

    • I just knew that we were very different people
    • They were annoying/ignorant
    • We were enemies competing for the same thing
    • I disagreed with everything they said.
  3. What is your favourite thing to do with each other?

    • Meet new people/socialise
    • Travel the word
    • Chill and watch TV.
    • Hang out with the rest of your friend group.
  4. When I'm down my friend can always make me...

    • Do something fun to take my mind of it
    • Laugh
    • Help me look at the positive side of things
    • Help work out the best solution to my problem
  5. Quality we have in common...

    • Determined
    • Hard workers
    • Charasmatic
    • We both care passionately about a certain thing
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