What Star Fleet Uniform Should You Wear?

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What profession should you specialise in working for Star fleet and what colour uniform should you wear to show it?

  1. Do you like to take charge?

    • I don't mind it
    • Definitely
    • Nope
  2. Do you rely more on gut feeling, your senses or rational thinking?

    • Senses
    • Gut feeling
    • Rational thinking
  3. Do you like to voice your opinion?

    • All the time
    • Not particularly
    • Only if my input is valuable
  4. Which job would you like out of the following?

    • Doctor or scientist
    • Commander
    • Security officer or engineer
  5. You are on board a starship when the ship you are on is attacked by an enemy craft. What is your first instinctive reaction?

    • Raise shields
    • Open fire
    • Warp away
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