What Horror Genre are you?

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What horror genre matches your creepy tastes and shocking personality?

  1. Your bestie didn't show up to your 21st birthday bash. How do you get revenge?

    • Stab them in the back. Maybe not literally. OK, maybe literally.
    • Conjure up your sweet dead grandma to haunt the hell out of them.
    • Record a video about how pissed you are and upload it to Youtube.
    • Act like it doesn't bother you while thinking of the sickest way you can get revenge on them.
    • Leave a gutted pig on their door step. You know, to let them know you didn't approve of it.
  2. It's Friday night. What horror movie are you and your honey cuddling on the couch to watch?

    • The original Paranormal Activity
    • Hostel
    • The Grudge(the original)
    • One Hour Photo
    • One of the million "Halloween" movies
  3. I need a mate who will....

    • slash some pillows with me...to release anger of course.
    • let me record their every waking moment of their life!
    • it would be illegal for me to REALLY answer this question.
    • go ghost hunting with me in haunted graveyards.
    • always keep me guessing about where our relationship stands.
  4. My favorite activity as a child was

    • frying ants under a magnifying glass.
    • pulling play doh apart constantly.
    • playing with Ouija boards.
    • recording at home movies.
    • tricking my brothers and sisters.
  5. My favorite horror anti-hero is

    • Mr. Boogie From Sinister
    • Norman Bates
    • Jigsaw Killer
    • Mike Meyers
    • The lucky kids that became superheroes in Chronicle
  6. My perfect evening alone consists of

    • Watching people scream in total terror, in a movie of course.
    • cutting up a delicious piece of Steak.
    • having a seance and catching up with deceased family and friends.
    • recording a Youtube tutorial.
    • prank calling the neighbors.
  7. Before I die I want people to know

    • I will be back to haunt them
    • I have a manifesto tape for friends and family to view upon my death
    • there are many skeletons in my closet...literally
    • when I'm dead, I'm not really dead
    • I have some people I need to...check up on before I go
  8. I just don't know why it's not normal to

    • video tape my family's every waking moment
    • speak to the dead every now and then
    • Carry a knife in your pocket...for protection of course
    • lie to make myself appear more important from time to time
    • experiment on road kill
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