Which B-Horror Movie Should You Watch Right Now?

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Not all horror movies are scary--but there are countless films with outrageous movie monsters! Ever wondered which B-Horror movie you should watch?

  1. In what month were you born?

    • April, August
    • January, September
    • December, February
    • May, October
    • March, June
    • November, July
  2. Growing up, everyone has an irrational fear of something. What were you afraid of growing up?

    • Pastries
    • Small Animals
    • Clowns
    • Mythical Creatures
    • Dinner Parties
    • Vegetables
  3. Which show could you binge watch for hours on end?

    • Robot Chicken
    • Charmed
    • Inside Amy Schumer
    • Cupcake Wars
    • American Horror Story
    • Master Chef
  4. Your best friend decides to come over for a scary movie marathon. What do you munch on while you watch "Sleepaway Camp"?

    • Grilled Cheese Sandwich
    • Pizza, with extra tomato sauce!
    • Cookies and Cake
    • French Fries
    • Fried Chicken
    • Popcorn
  5. Some Crayola Crayons have fun names. If you were a crayon, what color would you be?

    • Bruised Purple
    • Extraterrestrial Green
    • Honeycomb Yellow
    • Mud Brown
    • Sapphire Blue
    • Bloody Red
  6. You just won the lottery! Where do you vacation first?

    • Switzerland
    • France
    • Italy
    • Outer Space
    • Peru
    • Ireland
  7. Lastly, what would your nightmare job be?

    • That guy that picks up elephant poop in the circus.
    • The person that puts the labels on Campbell's Tomato Soup cans.
    • The janitor of a Popeye's chicken restaurant.
    • A comedian forced to tell jokes about only Nicholas Cage.
    • The CEO of a failing company.
    • Marie Antoinette's Royal Baker.
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