Who Will Direct The Film Of Your Life?

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Everyone's imagined it. Now officially figure out who'll be behind the camera of your biopic!

  1. Firstly, What Genre Is Your Life?

    • Spaghetti Western
    • Action/Adventure
    • Horror
    • Comedy
    • Sci-Fi
  2. Who's Your Producer?

    • Mel Brooks
    • Lawrence Bender
    • George Romero
    • Guillermo Del Toro
    • Jerry Bruckheimer
  3. What Is The Tone Of Your Life?

    • My dark imagination takes control of the film.
    • Eerie, with a lot of twists and turns.
    • All I'll say is someone is going to die.
    • Raunchy and hilarious, joke after joke.
    • A thrill ride, lots of ups and downs, and explosions.
  4. Your Producer Just Called, Who Do You Want Cast As You?

    • Someone Who Can Lead A Franchise, Like a Tom Cruise, or Jennifer Lawrence.
    • They have to be rough and tough, like a Harrison Ford or a Charlize Theron.
    • The One and Only Sam Jackson.
    • A handpicked unknown actor/actress. He or She will be a star after my film.
    • A funny actor/actress like a Adam Sandler or a Kristen Wiig. I want people to relate.
  5. What's your film rated?

    • G, Literally everyone can watch my movie
    • NC-17, Not For The Faint At Heart
    • PG, It'll be stimulating, but kids can still enjoy
    • PG-13, Things will get just a little weird
    • R, a lot of penis jokes
  6. Who's Your Right Hand Man?

    • Jack Nicholson, we get weird.
    • Chris Pratt, He's tamed velociraptors!
    • Paul Rudd, we have a cool group of funny friends as well.
    • Brad Pitt, he's the perfect friend
    • Matt Damon, sometimes we get lost and someone has to save us.
  7. Who's The Woman In Your Life?

    • Megan Fox, Pure Sexiness.
    • Jamie Lee Curtis, What can I say, I like screamers.
    • Tina Fey/Amy Poehler, I like girls that can make me laugh.
    • Emma Watson, That one shy girl that turns out to be really HOT.
    • Uma Thurman, She's Hot and Tough at the same time.
  8. How Does The Climax of Your Film End?!

    • Oddly Interesting. Most of the audience is coming to see it again tomorrow!
    • Shocking, and stunning. Members of the audience are stuck in their seats.
    • Happy Ending, Leaves the audience amazed and on their feet.
    • There are audience members on the theater floor, dying of laughter.
    • It Ends, Just Like It Started. Because The Ending Was In The Beginning.
  9. How Will Your Film Be Remembered?

    • A Fan Favorite, creating mobs of fan boys and girls. Only grows better with age.
    • An award winning indie classic, played at festivals worldwide.
    • Critics have it among the top films of all time. Wasn't very successful financially though.
    • A Blockbuster Top Ten Hit, one of the best performing films of all time.
    • A Cult Classic, One of the Best of It's Genre.
  10. Will Your Film Have a Sequel?

    • Just One!
    • We'll keep making them until we can't anymore, and then reboot.
    • There's really no point for a sequel.
    • We Have A Trilogy Planned!
    • Maybe a Spin-off, but no sequel.
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