How Long Would You Last with an Obnoxious Interviewer?

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Sometimes interviewers really push their luck, but how long could you take in the hot seat?

  1. Would you describe yourself as a private person?

    • It depends on how trustworthy the person I'm talking to seems
    • Yes, I like to keep my private life private
    • Only when it comes to certain areas of my life
    • I'm an open book
  2. Which of these subjects is the most touchy for you?

    • Ummmm, I guess any illegal activities I've indulged in?
    • I'd rather not revisit really mortifying moments!
    • Anything gross. Ew
    • My romantic relationships, it's not okay to talk about your significant other without their consent
  3. An interviewer finds out you smoked a bit of weed in college, which of these questions would be the final straw?

    • If they tried to pry any scandalous stories about my stoned antics out of me
    • Anything judgmental or moralistic about my past and I'd be out of there!
    • Even them bringing it up, what does this have to do with the project I'm promoting?!
    • I'm pretty chill about the whole thing to be honest, I don't think I'd leave
  4. Which of the following best describes your personality?

    • Chill
    • Neurotic
    • Aware
    • Moody
  5. An interviewer starts talking about your dead childhood dog to try and get your waterworks going, thoughts?

    • They are just trying to see my human side, I get that
    • How can I shut this down before I make a spectacle over myself over 'fluffy?!'
    • I knew I shouldn't have agreed to be interviewed by these buffoons
    • That manipulative asshole. I'm going to sue the bastard.
  6. Surpriseeeee! Your ex is here for a hilarious live TV segment! How do you take it?

    • It's quite nice to see them actually! It's been a while and there are no hard feelings
    • I grin and bear it so I don't look like a bad sport, but inside I'm seething
    • I kick the nearest piece of furniture in rage and am about turn out of that joint
    • I sit on the other side of the room and say "no comment" repeatedly
  7. Which celebrity interview storm out is your all time fave?

    • They are all too cringey for me!
    • Tarantino getting pressed about violence for the billionth time
    • Robert Downey Jr. after being questioned about his past addictions
    • Jennifer Aniston and the tissue full of vomit
  8. Choose a way to dispel your inner rage

    • Meditation
    • Blowing up a tower block
    • A punch bag
    • Smashing a car with a sledge hammer
  9. Which quality do you find most infuriating in others?

    • A manipulative streak
    • Rudeness
    • A lack of empathy
    • A nose for scandal
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