Which Starter Pokémon Should You Choose?

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Take this quiz to discover which starter Pokémon best fits your personality type.

  1. It is day one of your Pokémon journey. Your first course of action is to...

    • See if there are any Pokémon left. Eh... I may have overslept.
    • Head off in the direction of the first Gym!
    • Enjoy one of Mom's home-cooked dishes before heading out. Who knows the next time I will get a free meal?
    • Challenge your rival!
    • Begin catching and training new Pokémon.
  2. There is only room for one more item in you bag. Which of the following do you pack?

    • Snacks, of course!
    • There is room for way more stuff in here! I'm the master of over-packing.
    • A token to remember your family and friends by.
    • Nothing. The lighter, the better. I don't want to get dragged down.
    • A map. It will be useful on a long journey.
  3. A wild Pidgey appears. What do you do?

    • Battle! Time to see how strong we are.
    • Dang, I wish I would have remembered to grab a Pokéball at the last town.
    • Catch it! Catch it!
    • Let's pull out the Pokédex and gather information before we attack.
    • I already have a Pidgey. When am I going to encounter a wild Mew?
  4. Team Rocket is trying to steal your Pokemon. What do you do?

    • I'll fight if I have to, but I was really hoping to get a Gym badge today.
    • They won't steal my Pokémon. I'll fight them myself if I have to.
    • Let's fight. They don't look that tough.
    • Find Officer Jenny! She'll know what to do.
    • These clowns? Don't waste my time. I'm training here.
  5. You lost your first Gym battle. What do you do next?

    • I can't believe I lost, but I'm not giving up. I'll win next time! I know it.
    • We were so close. We just have to train that much harder.
    • It was a hard fought match, but I have theory on how to beat this guy.
    • We gave it our best. Let's rest tonight and come up with a plan going forward.
    • Failure is not an option. I'll come back tomorrow and win for sure.
  6. What kind of Pokémon do you like to have on your team?

    • All of the cutest Pokemon are on my team!
    • I'm looking for Pokemon to put together a solid, well-balanced team.
    • I only catch super strong or rare Pokemon.
    • Gotta catch em' all!
    • Just looking for cool Pokemon.
  7. Which one word best describes you?

    • Pragmatic
    • Fashionable
    • Determined
    • Courageous
    • Gregarious
  8. What would your friends say is your greatest fault?

    • I can be a bit of a control freak.
    • I can come across as pretentious sometimes.
    • I occasionally speak before thinking.
    • I'm indecisive.
    • I am very unorganized.
  9. Pick a virtue:

    • Strength
    • Courage
    • Hard Work
    • Friendship
    • Inteligence
  10. Which type is your favorite?

    • Grass
    • Fire
    • Water
    • Other
    • Electric
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