Which Star Wars Character Are You?

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  1. You and your friends run into trouble from another group. what do you do?

    • Act cool, calm and collected (It's always the quiet ones you have to watch).
    • Act aggressive to appear intimidating.
    • Try to break the tension with some humour, but more often than not, it backfires.
    • Randomly fire my blaster and hope to get a hit.
    • Try and find some peaceful resolution to the situation.
  2. You're playing Battlefront with your friends and you keep losing. How do you react.

    • I always win. I'm the best at every game I play.
    • I take my defeat gracefully and prepare for the next round.
    • I never win, I prefer to play dead.
    • You rip someone's arms out of their sockets. Who doesn't hate losing.
    • I'm the guy jumping up and down in the corner. I'm not even sure what I'm doing.
  3. You're at a party. What are you most likely to be doing?

    • Looking out for all my friends, I'm always the protective one.
    • I'm the coolest guy at the party. People come to me.
    • Naturally making a fool out of myself (I've got no shame).
    • Oh God. Those weren't the ladies I was looking for!
    • Impressing the masses with my impressive knowledge and wisdom.
  4. What trait best describe you?

    • I'm the silly type of person that finds entertainment in anything. The more ridiculous, the better.
    • Please, I'm far to awesome to worry about things like that. People will love me regardless.
    • I'm the calm one of my group. But don't push me to far.
    • I'm a total sheep. I'll go where everyone else is going!
    • Quick tempered (But a big softy on the inside really).
  5. What would your dream job be?

    • Something where I'm my own boss. I can earn more on my own.
    • Explorer, I just love to be outside.
    • A comedian of some sorts. Like an awful version of the three stooges.
    • Anything where I don't have to think for myself.
    • A teacher of some kind. I'd love to pass on my knowledge to a younger generation.
  6. Where would your ideal holiday be?

    • My job let's me see loads of exciting and wonderful places, but I'd love to travel in my down time.
    • Holiday? If I survive my week at work I'd love one. Preferably somewhere cold and remote.
    • Somewhere warm, humid and swamp like. So maybe Florida.
    • A lush Jungle or forest type environment. I love camping and getting back to nature.
    • Anywhere with water parks and plenty of activities, I'm very hyperactive.
  7. If the galaxy was in danger, what would you be doing?

    • Strategically planning our attacks and helping other master their potential.
    • Attacking on the frontlines with my team and friends, the good guys always win.
    • I'd most likely spoil things in my first outing and you wouldn't see me again.
    • I'd probably be shot down already.
    • I'd kick some serious ass - for who ever pays the most obviously.
  8. Last but not least, what would be your favourite way to travel through the galaxy?

    • A big old, star destroyer.
    • A Falcon, of the Millennium kind.
    • I'd travel alone using my own methods. I'm a slave to one's own company (get it?)
    • Any, if the pilot can tolerate me long enough that is.
    • Any means necessary. I pride myself on being flexible.
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