What Deathnote Character Are You!?

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don't take this quiz if you haven't seen the anime,manga,movie or live action drama

  1. If You Had A Death Note Would You Use It?

    • I'd use it to make the world rid of menaces to society and make the world criminal free
    • No,i'd get rid of it
    • I'd have someone test it and if it works have it locked away until it was needed which the use of it would be scarce
    • Use it to become,rich and to kill people just for fun
    • Kinda/Maybe
  2. What Is Your Sleep Schedule?

    • Morning-Evening
    • Evening-Late Night
    • Night-Morning
    • I don't sleep i use carbohydrates and my brain to keep me up
    • I only sleep if necessary
    • Late night-Morning
  3. What Is Your Style?

    • Jacket,Shirt,Jeans
    • Skirts/Dresses
    • Same thing everyday White long sleeved shirt and jeans (different pairs of the same thing)
    • Casual Clothes
    • Jock/Cool
    • Suits/Tuxedos
    • School Clothes
  4. What're Your Thoughts On Crime?

    • I Will Catch The Criminals
    • Criminals Need To Be Extinct
    • Criminals Are Bad
    • I Am A Criminal
    • Don't Care
    • It Needs Some Tweaking
  5. What Do You Like To Eat?

    • Cake
    • Pizza
    • chocolate
    • Cookies
    • Chips
    • Sushi
  6. Dream Job

    • Restaurant Jobs
    • Investigation Jobs
    • Construction Jobs
    • Science Jobs
    • God-Like Jobs
    • Entertainment Jobs
  7. IQ Score?

    • pretty high
    • 100 or Higher
    • 80 Or Higher
    • 120 or higher
    • What's An IQ Score?
    • Better Than Yours
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