Walking Dead Quiz!

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How much do you know about the Walking Dead?

  1. In season 1, after the death of her sister, what does Andrea say when she points a gun at Rick?

    • Back off!
  2. Before he died, who did Dale last speak to?

    • Daryl
  3. What was Andrea's profession before the apocalypse?

    • A waitress
  4. In the episode "Clear", what did Carl risk his and Michonne's life to retrieve?

    • A baby crib
  5. When rescuing Glen and Maggie from Woodbury, who did Rick "see" through the smoke before he shot?

    • Merle
  6. What alarmed Rick when first arriving at Terminus?

    • Maggie's sweater
  7. Who was baby Judith named after?

    • Hershel's wife
  8. What did Hershel make to help those infected in the episode "Isolation"?

    • Herbal salves
  9. Who kills the Governor?

    • Rick
  10. What does Daryl bring to dinner when first arriving at Alexandria?

    • A possum
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