Are you more Marvel or DC?

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Find out what comic brand suits you the best.

  1. What's your diet?

    • Fast fooder, who has time to eat?( also it's really tasty...)
    • An variety of healthy and full of energy food, that will help me overcome all the chalenges that the day will bring...
    • Vegeterian
    • Meat above all!!!
    • i don't know
  2. What is your opinion about violence?

    • i don't have one
    • Violence? What's that a new metal group?
    • Well, i don't support violence but if there wasn't a little violence some things wouldn't be just boring...
    • I love it! (i burn cats for fun!!)
    • Well, it's ok sometimes but mostly it doesn't appeal to me...
  3. A work is better done...

    • i dont know
    • Alone
    • As a team.
  4. Is humour necessary to you?

    • Just a little bit, if there's too much i'd rather jump from a skyscraper on a bicycle....
    • If there wasn't humour, life would be as boring as death...
    • well i do...zzzzzzz!zzzzz!
  5. Dark or Bright?

    • zzzz!zzzz!agh!gh!zzzzzz!
    • Dark
    • Bright
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