What Twisted Season of American Horror Story Should You Live in?

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What season of this horrifying show will your soul be trapped in?

  1. What's Your Favorite Song?

    • Ghosts by Michael Jackson
    • I Put A Spell on You by Screamin' J Hawkins
    • Stone Cold Crazy by Queen
    • Born This Way by Lady Gaga
    • Hotel California by Eagles
  2. What's your fashion style?

    • Jackets with lots belts wrapped around them.
    • All black
    • Whatever decade I was born in.
    • Anything with lots of colors and bows.
    • Glamorous and flashy
  3. When I'm in the middle of a large crowd I hope

    • the voices in my head will stop telling me to "kill!" "Kill!" "Kill!"
    • to get my hands on something that will calm my nerves.
    • no one will notice me lurking around.
    • to let my freak flag fly!
    • find a few people to make a new group of friends with.
  4. When I day dream I dream about:

    • having a group of friends that worship me.
    • two-headed chickens.
    • what mischievous things I can get into.
    • family and friends who have passed before me.
    • endless amounts of room service and cleaning people picking up after me.
  5. Any friend of mines needs to be able to:

    • work all black all the time.
    • think outside the box.
    • work a Ouija board.
    • spend leisurely mornings in bed.
    • suppress my fits of rage.
  6. The book genre I love the most is

    • psychological horror.
    • gothic horror.
    • paranormal.
    • fantasy.
    • drama.
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