Slashers, Demons, and Zombies, Oh My! How Would You Die in a Horror Movie?

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You may think you would survive in a horror movie, but let's say it's your turn to go. Which horror villain will get you?

  1. It's Halloween night; you and a bunch of friends want to have a party. Where do you go?

    • A closed theme park.
    • The local cemetery.
    • An abandoned cabin in the woods.
    • A reportedly haunted house in the suburbs.
  2. Alright, we got booze, drugs and sex. Which are you partaking in?

    • Booze.
    • Drugs.
    • None of the above.
    • Sex.
  3. You hear a noise nearby, and for some reason you're currently alone. What do you do?

    • Grab a weapon and investigate.
    • Pray that it's nothing.
    • Ignore it, and keep doing what you're doing.
    • Call the police and look for your friends.
  4. Your best friend goes to use the restroom, and doesn't come back. How do you respond?

    • Go look for them by yourself.
    • Forget about them and keep partying.
    • Call the police and wait for them to show up.
    • Grab a weapon and look for their killer (even though you don't know they're dead).
  5. One of the partygoers comes running out of a room they were having sex in with a bite mark from their lover. What do you do?

    • Treat the bite mark and kick the lover out of the party.
    • Accuse the lover of being a creepy person, and keep them locked up.
    • Amputate the injured area and try to call for help.
    • Get the lover a drink and try to sleep with them.
  6. The front door slams shut, and lightning strikes outside. What's going through your mind?

    • "Maybe I shouldn't have read that book."
    • "Whoa, who did that?"
    • "Damn, better stay inside."
    • "Where's the nearest knife?"
  7. You see something burst through the front door and kill the nearest partygoer. What do you do?

    • Turn and run.
    • Stand still in fright and scream.
    • Move to the side and have a drink.
    • Grab a weapon and attack.
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