Which Johnny Depp Character Are You?

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Which character are you most like? Take the quiz and find out!!

  1. How do you feel about people?

    • They look tasty!
    • I feel nothing towards them
    • I love people!
    • I could live without them...
  2. What is your view on rum?

    • I enjoy a tipple
    • It is unnecessary.
    • I don't like it
    • There is never enough
  3. Do you feel like a loner?

    • yes- I prefer it that way though
    • Yes
    • Nope, life and soul of the party mate!
    • Everyone comes to see me...
  4. Do you fit in this century?

    • No, I liked it before
    • I haven't thought about it
    • Yes-What an odd question
  5. Do people see your true nature?

    • No they judge on what they see
    • I don't care either way
    • Yes despite my trying
  6. What is your ideal day?

    • Looking after me
    • Looking after my family
    • Waiting for night
  7. Do you dance?

    • When I want to!
    • When the White Queen comes to power...
    • Yes.
    • Absolutely not!
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