Which Monsters University Team Are You In?

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Are you one of the cunning Eta Hiss Hiss or the bold Roar Omega Roar?

  1. What kind of day do you like?

    • Meh. I always stay inside.
    • A cloudy day
    • I love when it rains
    • A sunny day
  2. What do you think of the color pink?

    • Ugh...
    • Too girly
    • It's fine with me
    • It's my favorite color!
  3. What would you do if you were stuck in a traffic jam?

    • Meh.
    • Be patient
    • Start yelling and smashing stuff
    • Continuously Honk
  4. What would you do in a zombie apocalypse?

    • Help the people around
    • Time to leave this planet
    • Try your best to survive
    • Join them
  5. What do you when you're grounded?

    • Behave like a good kid
    • Try to talk out of it
    • Show that you're incharge
    • Sneak out through the window
  6. If you could go to a planet, which one would it be?

    • Mars
    • You'd stay on Earth
    • Uranus
    • Jupiter
  7. If it were your last drink, what would you choose?

    • Wine
    • Soda Drink
    • Water
    • Milk
  8. You just lost you BFF. What do you do?

    • Party like hell!
    • Force him/her to be your friend
    • Cry in a corner
    • Be happy with what you have
  9. Choose an animal species

    • Mammals
    • Amphibians
    • Insects
    • Reptiles
  10. Lastly, pick a movie genre

    • Horror
    • Comedy
    • Mystery
    • Action
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