Which of the Flash's Rouges are you?

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Ever wondered how you'd take down the Scarlet Speedster? Well, this is the place to be. Find out which of the Flash's Rouges (from the comics) you are.

  1. Describe yourself with one word.

    • Talented.
    • Better. "You're the bottom..."
    • Strategic.
    • Fun!
    • Dangerous
    • Loyal.
    • Superior
    • God.
    • Confusing.
  2. In a team, what's your role? Whether it be video games, sports, or school group projects?

    • Person who insists music play while you work
    • Expendable person
    • The one cracking jokes, just there for the benifits
    • Guy who's there to just ruin everything
    • Copies everyone's stuff
    • Leaves the group, does your own work, for your own benefits
    • Person who has great ideas, but no one listens to.
    • Strategic, take-initiative leader
  3. Weapon preference?

    • My powers and my hatred
    • Ranged melee weapons
    • My own self-developed tech
    • My own powers
    • My arsenal and my skills
    • My hypnotic equipment
    • The beauty that is fire.
    • A weapon that controls the uncontrollable
    • High-powered pistols
  4. It's just you against the Flash. What do you do?

    • Put him in a choke hold. Rip his heart out. Break him. Whatever hurts the most.
    • Confuse him until his guard is let down, then attack!
    • Get him off his feet. Nothing to run on, that way.
    • Make his ears bleed. And not with the old "I'm gonna rule the world" routine.
    • Trick him. If anyone can do it, it's me.
    • Outsmart him. It's your best option.
    • Use the power of the elements to bring him to his knees.
    • Ranged weapons are my specialty. Melee is for chumps.
  5. Why are you a "villain"?

    • I was poorly raised...
    • I'm not! I've changed, I swear!
    • Well, is arson legal yet?
    • My idea of fun isn't exactly.... allowed.
    • Why not?
    • Stealing just gives me a rush!
    • I don't have many other options. My greatest foe is a "hero", and there's no way we're burying the hatchet anytime soon.
    • I'm not really sure. It's just the way the cards were dealt. If I did it all again, I'd be a hero.
    • It's the family buisness
  6. What is your legacy?

    • I'm a legacy as it is. I guess I'll just kind of carry it on.
    • One of the greatest leaders the world's seen.
    • I get better and better. Trade these childish tricks for some real power.
    • Someone with way too much untapped potential.
    • I'm as forgotten as today's weather.
    • A loyal, yet independent, right-hand man.
    • Define "legacy". Does it count if you don't really have a future?
    • I'm relevant in the future, surprisingly.
    • A true artist.
  7. Favorite color?

    • It doesn't matter. Yellow... Green? Either, really.
    • Green's always good. Maybe a bit of white or blck to go with it.
    • RED!
    • Blue! Or yellow!
    • Yellow, red, and orange.
    • I don't really have one. White? Silver?
    • Green.
    • Light Blue.
    • Dark Blue. Or white.
  8. What's the worst thing about the Flash?

    • His lack of perspective. All of this "justice" stuff is so black and white with him.
    • He just makes me angry. Ruining everything.
    • His music taste.
    • His moral code. It makes him weak.
    • He always makes fun of me. I'm sick of people making fun of me.
    • I don't. He's just the only one formidable enough to take me on.
    • He doesn't respect us.
    • He's just always getting in the way.
    • He's too serious. He can't take a joke.
  9. What is your stance on drugs?

    • Never needed 'em.
    • I hate them. Especially "speed"..... get it?
    • We can be a bit lenient.
    • They get people killed.
    • There are other ways to feel good.
    • Never.
    • Say "NO!" to drugs, kids.
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