Who are you to Carl Grimes from TWD

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Take this quiz to find out who you are to Carl Grimes!!

  1. You're on a supply run alone when you run right into a young boy with long shaggy hair and blue eyes...What do you do first?

    • Threaten him with your gun. You don't care if Walkers hear!
    • Steal him stuff. He could have all kinds on goods!
    • Help him collect supplies. Who know? He might offer to let you
    • Ignore him. No harm in just pretending he was a self.
  2. A new group comes to you're hometown. Alexandria. There's the boy from the supply run with them. What do you first say to him?

    • You don't say anything at first. But when you get stuck Babysitting his sister, you say, "I'm not doing this for you..." *He seems surprised but smiles slightly*
    • Nothing. But you like his hat...You think you just might take that...
    • "If your group hurts my family...I will not hesitate to put this knife to your throat. If they don't...We'll see what happens then." *He smirks*
    • "Hey, I'm (Y/N). Remember me from the supply run awhile back?" *He does* "Let me show you around!"
  3. Everything has been going smoothly since Rick's group arrived. You learn shaggy hair's name is Carl. He asks if you want to walk to school with him. What do you do?

    • Shrug and say fine. You're going to have to learn to like him sooner or later. Carl's okay, you guess...
    • Say you'd rather walk alone. You prefer quiet...
    • Tell him you'd be glad to. You end up having a conversation about life before the Apocalypse...Carl seems pretty cool
    • Play hard to get and pretend you don't hear him. Let Carl trail your tail like a lost puppy. You've seen the looks he give you.
  4. You decide to take a walk in the woods when you hear soft sobs. It's Carl! What do you do.

    • Tell him to shut up! Walkers will hear and you're not just going to let the kid commit unintentional suicide...
    • Go over to him and playfully flirt with him to get his mind off of things. Carl appreciates the effort, but still is pinning after Enid. This breaks your heart more than ever. But you suck it up and stay with him.
    • You're not very fond of him yet, But you're not soulless. You let him cry it out on your shoulder. Why he's crying doesn't concern you.
    • Run over to him and give him a great big hug! You ask him what's wrong and learn that he's been pinning over Enid for a while, but she has Ron already. You'll take care of her later.
  5. You have an announcement to tell Carl. You march right up to him and say...

    • "I really like you, Carl. Do you want to hang out some time?"
    • "Your Dad wants you to join him in a supply run..."
    • "I got a TV to work! Let's play some games for a bit."
    • "I want to say that I think you're awesome and I think of you as a brother and Judith as a sister."
  6. You and Carl are outside the walls of Alexandria when you hear a herd nearby. You find a hollow tree. You decide to...

    • Pretend he's not there. *He does the same*
    • Flip him off playfully. He couldn't find somewhere else? *Carl smiles*
    • Hug him tightly. You and him against the world! *He hugs you back*
    • Give him a shy kiss on the cheek. You've been waiting for the right moment. *Carl blushes furiously*
  7. Carl needs to talk to you about what happened in the tree last night. "What was that?" He asks. You say...

    • "My way of saying that you're a cool person."
    • "That was me hugging you, silly, what else?"
    • "I meant it when I told you I liked you..."
    • "What was what?"
  8. A man comes to Alexandria in search of you. He says he's your Father but you say he's not. Carl steps in front of you when he pulls a gun. You...

    • Kiss his cheek and go to the man. You'll talk it out, but Carl needs to know you care for him not matter what happens.
    • Grab his hand, you don't know this man. Carl will protect you no matter what.
    • Step in front of him. "You don't need to do this." You say.
    • Push him away. You don't need a babysitter...
  9. The walls of Alexandria are coming down! A herd is passing through! You and Carl are in the house alone. You

    • Fight together back to back. You'll stay together not matter what.
    • Let him know you love him. Today is the day we all die. Maybe...
    • Leave. Survival of the Fittest, Right?
    • Hide in the closet with him and hug the shit out of him.
  10. The herd passed through. But not everyone was safe. You were bit. And you're about to die. Your last words to Carl are...

    • Stay safe. Don't Forget me. Protect the others. Protect Judith. I care bout' you my best friend...
    • I love you, Carl. But I don't want you here when I die. I need you to leave. Take care of yourself.
    • We may be just strangers, but, You're one strange kid Grimes. I like yah...Don't die...
    • I love you. Carl, I have been holding this off for a long time, but, I love you. *You kiss his cheek weakly*
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