Which Ultimate Girl Squad Would You Be A Part Of?

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Kendall and Cara? Taylor Swift and her Girl Empire? Or JLaw and Amy? Find out who you would be A-List BFF's with!

  1. What's your go to style?

    • Chic designer outfits
    • Comfortable but cute
    • Classy and elegant
  2. Who is you favorite artist?

    • Justin Bieber
    • Ellie Goulding
    • Mumford & Sons
  3. Which award show would you want to attend?

    • The Grammys
    • The VMAs
    • The Oscars
  4. How important is your image?

    • Kind of important, I don't want to be viewed badly.
    • Very important, it matters what people think.
    • Not really important, I am who I am.
  5. What's your favorite app?

    • Facebook
    • Instagram
    • Twitter
  6. Do you like to have a big friend group?

    • Not too big, I feel like I'd get lost in the mix.
    • Yes! The more the better, I love having a lot of variety.
    • No, I like a small tight knit group.
  7. What do you and your friends eat when hanging out?

    • Pizza!
    • We'll eat anything!
    • Cookies!
  8. What's your favorite thing to do?

    • Cook and bake
    • Go to concerts
    • Take pictures
  9. Where do you want to vacation?

    • New York City
    • Paris
    • Los Angeles
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