What kind of imagination do you have?

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This quiz is going to determine what kind of imagination you have whether it be that of a 5 yr. old or that of boring scientist or whatever. Anyway have fun!

  1. What do you think when you hear,"parallel universe"?

    • outer space with stars and planets and such
    • Other
    • a world made of candy
    • another you and another everything but opposite
  2. If you are reading a book about a world of magical creatures such as fairies, trolls and wizards(etc.), you imagine them in...

    • happening just upon the words you're reading (literally your mind sees them on the pages of the book)
    • Other
    • all around you (as if you are an invisible being watching from inside the scene)
    • movie form (the way you would assume it would look like on a movie screen)
  3. You are trapped in a dungeon with no one else but a known murderer, what do you do?

    • Other
    • take out my magic piece of chalk and draw a circle on the wall that only lets me pass, helping me escape
    • whisper,"have fun" to the murderer and use my magical powers to transport me out of there and to the festival that i am late for
    • take the highly acidic chemical in the vial from my pocket out and use it on the bars of the single window in the room to get out
  4. You are able to transform into one other person every night for the rest of your life. Who is it?

    • my favorite cartoon/anime character
    • some random drawing i did once/ someone i made up
    • my favorite celebrity/ someone famous
    • Other
  5. You are your imaginary friend, who are you?

    • Other
    • someone i made up in my head to keep me company
    • a yellow walrus who can fly and loves to eat cotton candy
    • someone that i made up in my mind specifically to talk to or someone that i wish i had the courage to be
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