which avenger in the MCU could be your best friend?

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we all want to be friends with the avengers, but which one fits you the best?

  1. your best friend got into a fight, what will you say to his opponent?

    • "see this fist? want to see it up close?"
    • "you shall not fight!"
    • "i hope you know how to punch or else this will be boring"
    • "you are too slow"
    • nothing, ill just punch him
    • "wow wow, lets slow down"
    • "hey! maybe pick on someone your own size!"
    • "lets keep our distance.."
  2. what would your friends describe you as?

    • sassy
    • guardian angel
    • outgoing
    • confident
    • trustworthy
    • gives a headache
    • daddy issues
    • selfish
  3. its party time! what are you doing?

    • talk to my secret girl friend
    • throw up in the bathroom
    • act tough
    • meet new people
    • shots!
    • flirt
    • sit in the corner talking to mom on the phone
    • dance the night away!
  4. what do you do in your free time?

    • travel, travel, travel
    • work, work, work
    • I have no free time
    • chill outside
    • spend it with my family
    • close myself up in my room
    • some exotic sport
    • stream some movies
  5. favorite sport?

    • anything that involves a ball
    • weight lifting
    • gymnastics
    • boxing
    • running
    • who needs sport?
    • archery
    • I prefer the inside
  6. what can piss you off?

    • when people are just too slow
    • when someone does something to my loved ones
    • when I don't know what to do
    • when people don't understand me
    • I'm a pretty chill person, I don't anger.
    • when someone betrays me
    • anything basically
    • when people judge me
  7. its the zombie apocalypse. what do you use as a weapon?

    • I just run away
    • ill try to block their way
    • anything that can smash
    • my agility
    • anything sharp
    • my fists
    • a vehicle
    • any kind of robot technology
  8. and finally, what is one thing you will take to a deserted island

    • a pair of shoes
    • a book
    • a magical item that can protect me
    • a knife
    • a tech device
    • something to play with
    • a picture of someone I love
    • a survival kit
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