Which CW Speedster Are You?

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This quiz is specifically for fans of the CW show The Flash! Find out which of its four speedsters is the closest to your personality!

  1. You see someone robbing a bank. What do you do?

    • Ask my team how to go about defeating them!
    • Knock them out and leave the bank taking only a small "gratuity" for your services.
    • Take them down on my own!
    • Kill them and then empty the entire vault yourself!
  2. Captain Cold offers you a choice: let him go or he will reveal your secret identity! What do you do?

    • I eliminate him and kill two birds with one stone!
    • Tell Cold he can go, but secretly plant a tracking device so you can find him later.
    • Let him go! I have to keep my secret to protect my loved ones!
    • It doesn't matter if my identity is revealed. He's a criminal and has to be brought in.
  3. Okay, nerd question: favorite Star Wars Character?

    • Luke Skywalker!
    • Darth Vader!
    • Obi-Wan Kenobi!
    • Emperor Palpatine!
  4. You corner your enemy! Next move?

    • You attack him, but try to draw the fight away from a heavily-populated area.
    • Force him to surrender!
    • Kill him immediately!
    • Beat him up a little but let him live as a warning for next time!
  5. What is your view of sidekicks?

    • Having a sidekick would slow me down.
    • I don't want one, I want a whole team!
    • I had a sidekick once. Then I got mad at him.
    • I work best alone!
  6. Favorite Powerpuff Girl?

    • Blossom!
    • Buttercup!
    • Bubbles!
    • Not a fan!
  7. A stray dog appears at your door. What do you do?

    • Try to find its owner!
    • Adopt it! Poor guy probably needs a home!
    • Chase it to a group of alley cats!
    • Call the pound.
  8. Favorite speedster?

    • Reverse Flash!
    • Barry Allen!
    • Zoom!
    • Jay Garrick!
  9. Favorite color?

    • Red
    • Yellow!
    • Blue!
    • Gold!
  10. What do you fight for?

    • It's my hobby!
    • To get what you want!
    • Justice!
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