Are you cut out to be a vampire?

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Are you a vampire, werewolf, hybrid, witch or an ordinary human?

  1. What do you do when your in a middle of a crisis.

    • Keep your feelings bottled up and pretend you don't care to move on.
    • Pull yourself together to try to find a way out.
    • Let it all out and try to find help to solve your problems.
    • Try your best to get you and most importantly your friends out of this mess.
    • You fight your way through. Even though you lose some friends you pull through and help your loved ones before anything else.
  2. What would you wish to have the most?

    • The power of speed and be able to hypnotise people
    • Magical powers
    • Answer A and B
    • Inhuman strength and be able to know when people are lying
    • The power to travel time
  3. Which character in Harry Potter are you the most alike?

    • Harry Potter
    • Cedric
    • Hermione
    • Hagrid
    • Ron
  4. What is your dream job out of all of these bellow?

    • A lawyer or athlete
    • A pop-star or TV presentor
    • A professional dancer or a writer
    • An actor or movie producer
    • Own a bar or be a music radio presentor
  5. If you were in the vampire diaries who would you trust the most?

    • Stephan
    • Elena
    • Demon
    • Bonnie
    • Caroline
  6. Which do you prefer?

    • Breaking Bad
    • Twilight
    • The Maze Runner
    • The Vampire Diaries
    • Harry Potter
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