Would you survive the Supernatural World?

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In the world Sam and Dean live in it's filled with monsters and demons and the occasional missing slice of pie, think you're up for the challenge?

  1. You wake up one morning and realize there's a demon in your kitchen, what do you do?

    • Scream bloody murder! and throw the first thing you can find
    • "Oh F*ck not you again..." Grabbing your gun and shooting that mofo in the face
    • Quick! Grab some salt and the nearest computer to look up a banishing spell!
    • Call Sam and Dean
  2. Phew! Glad that's over, Grabbing your keys and cellphone you head outside only to remember you need...what?

    • Gun filled with Rock salt
    • My Hunter knife
    • Ancient artifact that can send souls to hell
    • Pie
  3. After you get a phone call from a screaming Sam, you rush over to their location and find both of the idiots cornered by a pack of Vamps what do you do?

    • Plan step-by step how your gonna do this
    • Quickly shooting them then getting the boys untied as quickly as possible!
    • Ambush them!
    • Quietly head in there always looking over your shoulder, gun at the ready
  4. After saving their sorry asses you make them buy you dinner, what are ya craving?

    • Burger and fries with a Chocolate Milkshake
    • Good stiff whiskey and some pie
    • Beer and a Chicken Club Please!
    • A Beer and..... Another Beer
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