Which James Bond Villain Most Suits Your Evil Side?

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We all have an evil streak, don't we? Answer the questions below to find out which classic Bond villain suits you the most.

  1. What's your favorite fashion accessory?

    • My gold, lycra leggings are a personal favorite
    • I like to look sharp - I have a collection of hats
    • A child's tuxedo... that fits pretty well, considering
    • My braces attract quite a bit of attention
  2. What one item would you take if you knew you'd be stranded on a desert island?

    • A hunters rifle with unlimited ammunication
    • A hammock... Well, you've still got to rest, right?
    • A raft (Oi... don't be clever!)
    • A pen and paper to record a daily diary
  3. You've finally met your arch nemesis, and you're overcome with anger. What do you do?

    • Run and hide. Confrontation is overrated.
    • Make a horrendous pun. These moments must be savored.
    • You've been waiting for this day. Kill him immediately.
    • Talk it out. Build tension for at least 10 minutes, then try to kill him. But probably miss or something.
  4. What sport are you best at?

    • Tennis - I serve up a mean plate of revenge.
    • Soccer - I don't have the balls for anything else.
    • Sport? Doesn't that include physical activity?
    • Javelin - Any excuse to hold a dangerous weapon
  5. Which of these activities do you enjoy the most?

    • A glass eating competition you're fairly sure you'll win.
    • Danger frisbee. It's like normal frisbee but dangerous.
    • An educational course on body painting .
    • Feeling smug when you see 'mind your head' signs.
  6. How would you define your personality?

    • Optimistic. The glass is always half full. Unless it's half full of beer. Then it doesn't last. Wait, am I an optimist?
    • Rational. I don't deviate much or get dictated by emotions. Unless of course someone tries killing me, then I lose my sh*t.
    • Realist. I'm mainly rational but sometimes I anticipate those "life's not fair" moments. Such as when someone destroys your plans to take over the world.
    • Pessimist. I may as well give up this quiz.
  7. You have an evil plan to take over the world. How do you share your big idea?

    • I'd tell my mom but I'd make sure she didn't tell anyone else. Especially Shirley next door, she's a blabber mouth.
    • I'd upload a parody video to YouTube of Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up" but change the lyrics to "I'm gonna blow you up". Humor's the best antidote to evil deeds.
    • I prefer social media. Facebook is a good outlet.
    • I wouldn't tell anyone. TRUST NO ONE. Apart from the 5,000 or so henchmen I'd need to carry out said plan. I trust them. Sort of.
  8. It's Friday night, and you're feeling all right. What do you do for the evening?

    • I have a significant other to spend time with. Friday is date night. We're going to the local animal shelter to throw verbal insults at puppies.
    • I'm going to go and paint the town gold! Wait, is that the expression? Gold? Or is it blue?
    • I like to play Nintendo 64, especially a game called "Golden Eye," which is based on a guy I know and dislike immensely.
    • Evil doesn't take a rest day. I've got a long weekend of evil planning ahead of me, so I'm having an early night.
  9. Your favorite genre of music is...

    • It's a cruel world and rap really talks to me. Ain't nuttin' but a G thing.
    • I love a good bit of disco. I can't help but feel lost in music.
    • Heavy metal.
    • I listen to "Gold" by Spandau Ballet on repeat. I even bought it on vinyl because I'm a hipster villain.
  10. Finally, where do you see yourself in 5 years' time?

    • I've always wanted to carry out my own discount laser eye surgery. Perhaps I'll have my own business?
    • I live life on the edge. My life is at risk every day, so I take it a day at a time.
    • 5 years' time? That's a tall order! I can barely plan for tomorrow!
    • I want to be my own boss. I'm fed up of working for someone else.
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