Which Walking Dead Character Are You?

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Based on main characters in Season 6 of The Walking Dead

  1. What trait describes you the most?

    • Intelligent
    • Effective
    • Determined
    • Unstoppable
    • Prepared
    • Focused
    • Strong
    • Leader
    • Honorable
    • Confused
  2. You see a stranger in the apocalypse trapped by walkers and will soon die if not helped, what do you do?

    • Help the stranger no matter what
    • Leave them to die
    • Help the survivor by shooting as many walkers as you can
    • If they're valuable then save them
    • Help the survivor but be ready to protect yourself if he's dangerous
    • Try and help the survivor but if you can't then you leave to make sure that you're safe
    • If there's a chance of being able to save them, then try
    • Risk your own life to help them
    • If they have a chance of surviving then consider helping them
    • It's survival of the fittest, leave them
  3. What is your role in your zombie apocalypse group?

    • Leader with respectable rules
    • Main protector of the group
    • Provides wisdom
    • Hunter
    • Does anything necessary for the group's survival
    • Just there
    • Lookout
    • Leader with no rules
    • Scavenger
    • Does what needs to be done
  4. Another group violently attacks your group by running rampage throughout camp, what do you do?

    • Taking out any of the intruders
    • Shoot all attackers from a distance
    • Take prisoners
    • Protect a few by staying put
    • Go all out, guns blazing
    • Fights for those you love
    • Sneak around and kill the attackers
    • Being as stealthy as possible, killing anyone that threatens you
    • Kill when necessary
    • Protect your family
  5. A walker herd is coming at your camp, what do you do?

    • Support the plan anyway
    • Take action, make a plan
    • Prepare for the worse, by preparing the camp
    • Be ready to get your gun ready
    • Look out for the camp
    • Lookout over the herd, ready for anything
    • Lead a team to help distract the walkers
    • Be prepared to be one step ahead of the herd
    • Stay put at camp
    • Help distract the walkers using noise and light
  6. A man comes up to your group while out on a run, what do you do?

    • Save him but make sure he is trustworthy
    • Trust him but be ready
    • Take him back if he answers some questions
    • Kill him
    • Ignore him and leave him behind
    • Watch him with a close eye
    • Kill him if he shows any signs of mistrust
    • Trust him, and help the man back to camp
    • If he's strong and valuable somehow, take him back
    • Aim your gun at him
  7. Your camp is overrun, what do you do?

    • Leave as quick as you can
    • Gather supplies and look for other survivors
    • Get out alive
    • Get as many guns as possible and get out of their
    • Find supplies and your family
    • Look for your family
    • Look for your significant other
    • Look for any survivors
    • Grab important supplies and leave immediately
    • Gather as much people as possible and run
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