What Harry Potter House Are You In?

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Are you a witty Ravenclaw or a loyal Hufflepuff?

  1. Someone accidentally steps on your foot as you walk by. You...

    • Pretend nothing happened and just walk away.
    • You probably didn't even notice, your head was stuck in your book.
    • You apologize for being in the way, except their apology, and slowly walk away, making sure that their okay.
    • You yell at the person who stepped on your foot and say some nasty things in your head...
  2. A friend asks to borrow some money. You...

    • You tell them no and walk away, without the slightest bit of caring about what it was even for.
    • You give the money to them, but tell them to make sure that they bring the money back.
    • Ask them what they want to use it for, to make sure that the money isn't going to be wasted on something ridiculous.
    • Give them the money, and let them to just bring it back whenever.
  3. You want something from you're parents. You...

    • You ask for it, put up a little fight, but convince yourself that it was stupid anyway and go to your room to read.
    • You ask for it politely, and if they say no, you don't argue.
    • Beg and plead for your parents to get it for you until they cave.
    • You kiss up to them until they can't resist it any longer and cave.
  4. A little sibling is going to snitch (haha, snitch) about something you did. You...

    • You beg and plea for them not to snitch and are very stern while doing all of this.
    • You reprimand them until you are certain that they won't tell, or use blackmail. Knowing you, probably both.
    • You're siblings wouldn't snitch if they knew what was best for them.
    • You let them have what they want, just as long as they aren't to valuable.
  5. You have a whole week to do a project. You...

    • You procrastinate and do it the night before, staying up until early morning finishing it, but it was totally worth it.
    • Take ideas from others and say that it's your own.
    • Do it all in the first night and tweak it here and there over the coarse of the week.
    • Do it over the first half of the week and present it to yourself over and over again until it's perfect.
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